Is Canned Wine Better Than Boxed?

Over the years the amount of boxed wine drank by college kids has to incredible. Years ago wine companies stepped up their game with upscale quality boxed wine. Recently, I consumed copious amounts of Bota box wine and was quite pleased. Now canned wine is a thing. And it is a good thing, we will explain. Granted, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia was ahead of their time canned winewhen they brought up canned wine in several episodes.

First, it doesn’t break so it is safer outside at the beach and pools. Second, it is lighter. That means companies will pay less to send it across the country also reducing the carbon footprint. Speaking of carbon footprint, aluminum is a very desired material to recycle. Making it less likely to end up in a landfill. Also, the can blocks sunlight which will help with spoilage.

I suggest go pick up a 4 pack of wine and prove to yourself the benefits.

Kombucha Beer Exist

So you could say Kombucha Beer is the perfect marriage of kombuch and beer. Kombucha tea is a fermented beverage is a bit of natural occurring alcohol in it. Beer obviously has alcohol in it from yeast as well. The similarities kombucha beerbetween beer brewing and kombucha brewing are very much a thing.

A Cicerone, the beer world’s equivalent of a Sommelier. Spoke about how that the Kombucha offers a sourness to balance the natural sweetness of the beer as well as adding fruitiness from the Hibiscus. By blending with the right kinds of (similar to Kombucha) yeast found naturally in many Belgian ales, beer and Kombucha tea can be married into one delicious beverage.


Due to its bacterial component, kombucha ferments a bit warmer, around 82 Fahrenheit. Typically beer yeast does best at a cooler temp – usually in the mid-60’s. This makes a small challenge that brewers have been able to overcome.

Facts about whiskey part 1

Whiskey is back to being a real big deal. That’s a good thing, and even better for you we have some basic facts about whiskey (or is it whisky?) to help you sound smarter during your next drunken bar rant. Here are some fun facts whiskey cigar factsabout whiskey or is it whisky?

Both Whiskey & Whisky are correct

Scotch producers use Whisky and Canadian producers followed suit feeling their whisky was as great quality as Scotland’s. Japan also uses Whisky. American & Irish producers use Whiskey. Here is a tip to remember this? America & Ireland have an ‘e’ in them and use ‘whiskey’ with the ‘e’.

Whiskey Means “Water of Life”

Whiskey is derived from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha,” which means “water of life.” That phonetically became “usky,” and which evolved into “whiskey.” Feel free to use that in your next toast.

Stay tuned for more fun facts about whiskey in the future.

Have you tried a Hangover Supplement?

Cinco de Mayo is approaching us rapidly. That is the day many don fake mustaches, drinking copious amounts of tequila and crush light refreshing mexican shrimp cocktailMexican cuervas. Or beers as you gringos refer to them as. But you will pay they next morning for all this unless you take a hangover supplement.

My favorite Mexican beer is Negra Modelo followed closely by Sol. Sol is refreshing but difficult to find. When you are out on Cinco de Mayo, I suggest you try a Paloma. A Paloma is a traditional Mexican cocktail. Typically made with tequila and grapefruit soda (Squirt or Jarritos).  Also, can be made with grapefruit juice and club soda.

Back to the hangover supplement. If you want to survive a fun day of drinking, you need to properly prepare yourself. When you drink your body requires extra B vitamins. B vitamins are crucial for energy and metabolism. Many people who drink are deficient in B vitamins.


Can I Get a Pill That Helps My Hangover?

Drinkers need to consider eating more eggs. Eggs help the body deal with alcohol and b vitamins. Really it is kind of like a hangover pill for people who egg hangoverdrink. The egg is the perfect food for people who drink. Eggs are so nutritious that they’re often referred to as “nature’s multivitamin.” Eggs also have powerful antioxidants and ample brain nutrients that many people who drink are deficient in.

One whole egg contains an amazing range of nutrients. Protein, healthy fat, vitamin b12, vitamin b2 aka riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin b5 aka panthenic acid, selenium, among other minerals.

Plus, what about the capability of the egg? Did you know that the 100 creases in a chef’s hat mean the 100 ways to cook an egg. My preference is just eggs over easy. But you can never go wrong with an egg sandwich, with some meat of course. Who would think being healthy while drinking would be so easy and delicious?

Hot New Event Company in Wilmington North Carolina

Party Wilmington is here to help support and grow Wilmington nightlife.  Party Wilmington maybe a new company, but our entertainment roots are not. T hey have put on the Wilmington Bartenders Ball, Cape Fear Highland Games & numerous events & bar crawls in downtown Wilmington.

Cinco de Mayo Themed Barcrawl. Chance to Win $1000 Flight Voucher!. hangover pillStarting at Reel Cafe for signup and registration at 1PM

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Skunked beer ruined your morning?

You’re going to cut back on drinking this week. And you mean it this time. Why do we do this to ourselves every Friday? It’s pointless, isn’t it? Why not go for a jog instead? Nope you wake up Saturday and crack a beer, a skunked beer. Maybe jogging isn’t a bad idea. But, jogging doesn’t administer beer into your system. So what do you do?

Jog to the store and grab a new 6 pack. Or you could jog, ride a bike, briskly sandy beerwalk to a bar and grab a beer. I guess you could drink the skunked beer. It will not kill you, or even hurt you more than a regular beer.

Wait!? Where did you drink last night? Oh, that’s right. Cornerstone Pub. Where did you send your resume last week? Cornerstone Pub. Where did you get kicked out of last night after throwing up in your friend’s beer? Cornerstone Pub. Is this why so many unemployed people drink?

Yep drink the skunked beer.

Am I Hungover?

Welcome to the seventh circle of Hell! You woke up hungover. Next time you should take a hangover vitamin before drinking and maybe, just maybe you heinken for dayswouldn’t feel like a dumpster full of hot garbage.

You used to play along with the problem-drinker’s motto that said “Beer before liquor; never been sicker.” Odd, considering all you drank last night was liquor. The guys who made that saying up in the first place were probably drunk to begin with. This is all their fault, really. At any rate, you drank alcohol last night and the delivery system of said alcohol matters not. Your head hurts, your brain hurts and your life hurts. You, my dear friend, are experiencing evolution’s way of telling you that having fun is a privilege, not a right.

You’re hungover. There’s no doubt about that. Here are some of the main attractions you can expect to see here as you enjoy your stay.

Bartending Whys Part 1

Bartending is one job that you never stop learning and always have room to bar lifeimprove. It is quite dynamic, things will change over time. Bartenders work all over the world and vastly different environments many using their own personal system. There is no one secret way to bartend. That is why we have brought together the knowledge of several bartenders from different establishments. This will help broaden your education and help you become the bartender that fits your personality.

People have always wanted to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Bars are that casual location where social interact is encouraged. People can buy 12 beers for $8 and a bottle of booze for $15. There is a reason they are willing to pay $3 a beer and $6 for a cocktail in a bar. They want to surround themselves with other people looking to enjoy themselves. That’s where the bartender becomes import. They are the ultimate host for lifes party.

Better the booze, less the hangover?

You have definitely heard the wise tale that cheaper well liquors make for a worse hangover. But, is this really true? Do healthy alcoholic drinks cause less of a hangover? Or is it all just a myth spread by the alcohol industry to sell better, more expensive booze. So I dug in and did some research for drinkers.

Actually, the quality of the alcohol makes a healthy drinksdifference. Cheaper liquors have more impurities and congeners due to lower quality ingredients used and poorer distillation methods. This makes perfect sense. Think of the door handle on a Kia optima versus the door handle on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

So you don’t need to order the most expensive liquor when you are out. But I would recommend at least a solid mid-tier option. This trend is shown with many people drinking premium vodka & water. It may not be the best tasting libation, but it is one of the healthy alcoholic drinks.