Why the Browns Will Win the Super Bowl

So maybe the Browns have never won a super bowl. Actually, they haven’t even been to the super bowl game. Pretty ridiculous when you think they were a football power back before the super bowl in the American football league

american football

The Cleveland Browns also had one of the most dominant players in history. Jim Brown was a man among boys playing running back. Granted then there was the 80’s with the Bernie Kosar era. 3 AFC championship game loses. 

Then in the late 90’s they had both Bill Belichick and Nick Saban on staff. Yes, the greatest NFL and college coach were on the same staff. In true Browns self-destruct fashion, they moved the team. The actual team imploded on the field and Bill Belichick was fired.

Eventually, they got another team and has somehow managed to draft so bad it is a statistical anomole.  Now I think about it, a super bowl victory is pretty much a crazy idea.

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