Is Canned Wine Better Than Boxed?

Over the years the amount of boxed wine drank by college kids has to incredible. Years ago wine companies stepped up their game with upscale quality boxed wine. Recently, I consumed copious amounts of Bota box wine and was quite pleased. Now canned wine is a thing. And it is a good thing, we will explain. Granted, It is Always Sunny in Philadelphia was ahead of their time canned winewhen they brought up canned wine in several episodes.

First, it doesn’t break so it is safer outside at the beach and pools. Second, it is lighter. That means companies will pay less to send it across the country also reducing the carbon footprint. Speaking of carbon footprint, aluminum is a very desired material to recycle. Making it less likely to end up in a landfill. Also, the can blocks sunlight which will help with spoilage.

I suggest go pick up a 4 pack of wine and prove to yourself the benefits.