Why drinkers need prickly pear extract

Mankind’s relationship with alcohol goes back thousands of years. So does his relationship with hangovers. I can only imagine how terrible hangovers were thousands of years ago, drinking a rough unfiltered, probably bacteria-laced “hooch” all to get your buzz on. But fortunately for us, prickly pear extract has been shown in studies to help reduce hangover symptoms.

Imagine what life would be like on the day after St Paddy’s day if you were able to function. Or on Jan 1st, there are some many times life is a bit rough after a fun night out.

Maybe they need to consider making a liquor out of cactus. Wouldn’t that work right? I mean in theory if cactus root extract helps with hangovers then if you fermented it, distilled it, then it could end up being the first hangover free spirit. Maybe that is just wishful thinking. Either way cheers to you and the next night of drinking you have.