Cubs Champagne Hangover

The Cubs consumed, or at least used, 1200 bottles of champagne during their World Series championship season in 2016. That is 100 cases, quite the champagne hangover. Which is less than a case per year of championship drought. So really that is not a crazy amount for the celebration.champagne hangover

But to even break that down more.  It’s was almost 40,000 days between world series victories for the Chicago Cubs. When it started the US flag only had 46 stars and man powered flight hadn’t happened yet. Also mass market radio or TV had not been invented yet. During the stretch 58 different men have managed the Cubs. Only 2 have won the title, Frank Chance in 1908 and Joe Madden in 2016

So the Chicago Cubs should keep celebrating. I would go ahead and order another 100 cases of bubbly. Hopefully the champagne hangover is not too bad. Either way it is all still worth it.