5 Best St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawls

hangover pill5 Best St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawls

Everyone is Irish for a day on St. Patrick’s Day and it is a great day to celebrate Irish heritage by indulging in their most famous national pastime – drinking beer and whiskey! America has enthusiastically embraced this holiday, and cities across the country have excellent parades and parties to celebrate. These five cities go all out and are essential inclusions on your party bucket list. If you are planning to visit one of the best St Patrick’s day bar crawls, don’t forget to check out what makes the best hangover pill before you travel.

  1. Chicago, Illinois

The St. Patrick’s Day party in Chicago is known throughout the world. Their parade was founded in 1843, but they are better known for dying their river green. With great neighborhoods, full of character, there are plenty of options to create your perfect bar crawl that ends with a buzzed stumble next to the iconic green river.

Sports fans will enjoy the wild area known as Wrigleyville, with more than 40 sports bars surrounding historic Wrigley Field. For those who are looking for more refined beverages, the Magnificent Mile is the place to be. This section of northern Michigan Avenue is packed with trendy restaurants and posh hotel bars to celebrate a more sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day.

2 Savannah, Georgia

Very possibly #1 and possibly the most popular St. Patrick’s destination in the country. Savannah does allow open container on its historic downtown streets. Mid-March average temperatures are in the mid-70s. Round up your party and head right over to River Street.

It is the perfect setting for a night on the town. Though the cobblestones may give you some trouble, traffic will not. It is a pedestrian-only street, so you can stumble from one bar to the next along the Savannah River, with Irish flags waving you on all the way.

3 Boston, Massachusetts

Boston bost the highest percentage of Irish blood in the US, and Boston goes all out for St. Patrick’s Day. Their parade was founded in 1737 and is one of biggest in the country, it draws over a million spectators each year.

Boston capitalizes on the holiday and pairs a film festival and live music in addition to the countless drinking opportunities. You can join an organized bar crawl or create your own. Either way the infectious St. Patrick’s Day spirit that engulfs the entire city will ensure your holiday is one to remember!

4 Key West, Florida

Maybe you don’t think St Paddys immediately, but the folks at the southernmost point of the United States know how to party for every occasion. You can stroll from one bar to the next along the beach or hop on a colorful bicycle to hit up the hot place you heard about across town. One perk of Key West is they are know for their popular, well-organized bar crawl. Tickets go fast, make sure you buy yours well in advance.

5 New Orleans, Louisiana

Obviously, New Orleans embraces any excuse to party, but you may not know that there is a thriving Irish community in the Big Easy. As you guessed, New Orleans loves a parade, and the Irish Channel Parade is quite the show.

Participants throw cabbage, potatoes, and carrots into the crowd as readily as they threw beads and Moon Pies for Mardi Gras. Outside of the legendary bars on Bourbon Street, New Orleans is famous for their raucous block parties, each with their own parade.

Now you have your next 5 years worth of St. Patrick’s Day parties planned. Now the big decision is which one to hit first. As always party hard and party safe.