Hangover Pill

The hangover supplement market is growing rapidly. Marketwatch, a WSJ publication, had an article treating hangovers a billion dollar industry. So what makes for the best hangover pill?hangover pill

B Vitamin Complex – Gives you a boost the next day so you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

C Vitamin Boost – Reinforces your immune system which will be left weak after a night of drinking.

N-Acteylcysteine – Breaks down the toxic byproducts created in your body when alcohol is broken down.

Antioxidant Blend – Eliminates dangerous free radicals released in your body by alcohol consumption.

Liver Support Herbal Blend – Supports your liver with an herbal blend used for centuries as liver health supplements.

I also feel individual packs make using the hangover pill much, much easier. I typically drink away from my house. I drink in bars, on the beach, at cookouts, at music festivals and rarely at home. Carrying a bottle would be tough. Plus putting random capsules in my pocket is always feels sketchy. So a single serving pack is ideal.