Better the booze, less the hangover?

You have definitely heard the wise tale that cheaper well liquors make for a worse hangover. But, is this really true? Do healthy alcoholic drinks cause less of a hangover? Or is it all just a myth spread by the alcohol industry to sell better, more expensive booze. So I dug in and did some research for drinkers.

Actually, the quality of the alcohol makes a healthy drinksdifference. Cheaper liquors have more impurities and congeners due to lower quality ingredients used and poorer distillation methods. This makes perfect sense. Think of the door handle on a Kia optima versus the door handle on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

So you don’t need to order the most expensive liquor when you are out. But I would recommend at least a solid mid-tier option. This trend is shown with many people drinking premium vodka & water. It may not be the best tasting libation, but it is one of the healthy alcoholic drinks.