Kombucha Beer Exist

So you could say Kombucha Beer is the perfect marriage of kombuch and beer. Kombucha tea is a fermented beverage is a bit of natural occurring alcohol in it. Beer obviously has alcohol in it from yeast as well. The similarities kombucha beerbetween beer brewing and kombucha brewing are very much a thing.

A Cicerone, the beer world’s equivalent of a Sommelier. Spoke about how that the Kombucha offers a sourness to balance the natural sweetness of the beer as well as adding fruitiness from the Hibiscus. By blending with the right kinds of (similar to Kombucha) yeast found naturally in many Belgian ales, beer and Kombucha tea can be married into one delicious beverage.


Due to its bacterial component, kombucha ferments a bit warmer, around 82 Fahrenheit. Typically beer yeast does best at a cooler temp – usually in the mid-60’s. This makes a small challenge that brewers have been able to overcome.