Types of Alcohol

Types of Alcohol

3 Main Categories Beer, Wine, and  Liquor

The basic concept of all three is the same. Take a starchy compound, break it down with heat, add yeast to eat the sugar and the end resolute is alcohol and carbon dioxide. Beer and Wine are not distilled, while liquor is. That gives beer and wine a lower alcohol content and often drank straight without mixing. Liquor is distilled and can have an alcohol concentrate up to 95% or 190 proof. 2 Proof equals 1% alcohol; so just double the alcohol content and you have the proof. For example, 40% alcohol content is 80 proof. Thus since liquor is distilled and has a higher alcohol content it is often mixed to make enjoyable cocktails for drinking.

Over the last several years the various types and brands of alcohol have grown exponentially.  Flavored vodkas, new boutique wines and spirits and the craft beer craze have been a game changer. Sam Adams alone produces over 100 types of beer now.

Cubs Champagne Hangover

The Cubs consumed, or at least used, 1200 bottles of champagne during their World Series championship season in 2016. That is 100 cases, quite the champagne hangover. Which is less than a case per year of championship drought. So really that is not a crazy amount for the celebration.champagne hangover

But to even break that down more.  It’s was almost 40,000 days between world series victories for the Chicago Cubs. When it started the US flag only had 46 stars and man powered flight hadn’t happened yet. Also mass market radio or TV had not been invented yet. During the stretch 58 different men have managed the Cubs. Only 2 have won the title, Frank Chance in 1908 and Joe Madden in 2016

So the Chicago Cubs should keep celebrating. I would go ahead and order another 100 cases of bubbly. Hopefully the champagne hangover is not too bad. Either way it is all still worth it.

Acetaldehyde Beer

All beer contains some acetaldehyde, which is toxic for the body. So you want the acetaldehyde beer to be as low as possible. It will affect the beer in a acetaldehyde beernegative way with a green apple smell and taste.

Remember we said acetaldehyde was toxic. Let’s look at the process of your body breaking down ethyl alcohol that you drink. When alcohol reaches your liver, an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase breaks it down into acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is far more toxic than alcohol (as much at 30x times!)

So your body again attempts to break it down with the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that is crucial for liver detoxification (glutathione contains high levels of cysteine, which is why taking this in supplement form may help prevent hangovers…

Since acetaldehyde beer is a concern. Let see what contains Cysteine, B1 (thiamin) & C Vitamins help your body process acetaldehyde, cysteine can be found in eggs.

What is Alcohol

What is Alcohol?

Alcohol is derived from a starch heavy compound, grain, potatoes, etc. that is broke down into sugar and yeast ferments it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.


Starchy Compound Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide

That is non distilled alcohol such as beer, wine, hard cider and sake.

Also can be distilled to remove impurities and water and raise the concentration or proof.

Then can be aged to mature the product to enhance flavor.

That is called distilled beverage, spirit or liquor.

That is the basic parameter of alcohol. There are huge varieties of alcohol.  Many changes can be made in any step along the way.

You can change the starchy compound(s)

You can break it into sugars different ways

You can use different types of yeast

It can ferment for different periods of time

Then you can just serve it as is, or distill the product

It can be distilled multiple times in different ways

Then it can be aged

Flavoring can be added at any time

That is how there are so many types and brands of alcohol beverages out there.